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    SkinLift® | Skin Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Face Massager

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    SkinLift® | Skin Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Face Massager

    Note: Due to high demand for SkinLift®, our stock is limited.

    SkinLift® addresses multiple skin problems for the entire body.

    SkinLift® utilizes electroporation, needleless mesotherapy, radiofrequency current, microwave pulses, and IPL acne removal technologies to address multiple skin issues and enhance natural youthfulness.

    Non-porous mesotherapy and Electroporation import

    Special pulses activate skin cells, delivering nutrition directly to dermal layer, increasing skin absorption by 10 times, enhancing effective skin care cream ingredients.

    RF current

    High-frequency electric resistance heating improves skin elasticity, wrinkles, lymphatic circulation, and blood circulation, but may not be felt by everyone.

    LED phototherapy

    Repair and cure the mirco gaps of electroporation, needleless mesotherapy ultra-fine skin, skin pores and has soothing anti-inflammatory effect.

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